Thanks for dropping by. Claude & Co offers a variety of creative services.  We write, we design and we come up with ideas to sell stuff or change behaviour. Most of what we do is for advertising and graphic design companies in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, and Dunedin.  But we're happy to work with anyone in need of creative thinking on any scale (no job too big or too small).  Have a look at our work and get in touch. Or, if you happen to be passing, pop into our Port Chalmers office to chat and drink our beer. 

Some companies we've been working with recently: Saatchi & Saatchi, BC&F Dentsu, True, YoungShand, Assignment, Special Group, Shine, ThoughtFull Design, and Studio Akin (all Auckland). BMF (Sydney). Five by Five (UK). BrandAid (Dunedin).